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Tossing & Turning - Cover
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Tossing & Turning

Sleep deprivation is such a common issue for adults in the UK. The purpose of this pillow-sized publication is to prevent the reader from feeling as if they are on their own, and to provide comfort in knowing that other people may have similar issues with sleep.

The book begins with people who find it easy to drift off to sleep and takes the reader through a journey to people who suffer with insomnia. Flowing from calm colours, such as blue and green, to intense, vivid colours such as red and pink to reflect the person not being able rest and their minds 'whirring'.


The content of this publication consists of watercolour illustrations of anonymous peoples' sleeping positions that accompany their relative experiences with sleep.

I hand-embroidered the cover onto a pillowcase, using colours of thread that relate to calmness and relaxation, to contradict 'tossing and turning' - otherwise known as a restless night's sleep. 

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