Billi - Mocked up
Billi Paula image


Billi is a sustainable fashion brand. Phoebe, the owner of Billi, is against fast fashion and uses the material of  'diamonds in the rough' - she finds second hand clothing that has the potential to be reworked into stunning articles of clothing.

The first garment that Phoebe made for Billi had a pattern that was made up completely of diamond-shaped embroidery. This influenced the construction of the logo and a diamond appears in the negative space of the 'b' - this gives a subtle link to the origins of the brand.

Billi's angular type refers to the journey and improvement of an unwanted piece of clothing into a fashionable, bespoke garment.

Billi's deliverables are also eco-conscious. The gift tags and clothing tags are made using excess fabric from the garments made. The business cards are 3 ply, with excess fabric acting as the fill of the logo.